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What is search engine optimisation?

When someone searches in search engine (Google) for a search term, the search engine has to come up with a list of results that it thinks the searcher is looking for.  Can you imagine how many websites there are in the world even with relevant content to the searchers query. So with a bit of optimisation you can get your website to be more likely picked by google in the first page of googles results.

Do you ever go past the first page of google or do you just type in another search if you don’t find what you are looking for. Can you now see how important it is to be on that first page of results and even better be at the top, preferably in the first three places after the ads(these are called organic results, free basically). Google had a set of search engine rules and if you get all the them right you will rank a lot easier and maybe for a few more keyword search terms as well.

What is seo and how it works

How does SEO work… Well google and all search engines are just programs at the end of the day, very impressive programs but still just programs. Long before you get picked to come up in the search results of a search engine it had already been to your website and had a look at your pages and posts. If has already decided how relevant your content is to search results and when someone searches for a keyword relevant to your site it will decide where to place you in a list of results it thinks will be a good fit for the keyword(s) phrase.

What you can do with search engine optimising is make sure the google bot understands what your website is about. This is what is called on page seo, there is also off page seo. We will cover that later on, that is where the real difference can be made, you can only do so much on page but do it right and it can be a big help.

Top search engine placement

What is search engine placement; well it’s what search engines do is define an order in which search results are showed to you when you search for something in say google. How to get to the top of google search results when you are just starting out is not easy especially if your business is something common. How to get to the top of google without paying takes time and a fair degree of effort to be honest.

It really depends on how competitive your market is, if there are some big established websites in your market you are not going to beat them off the tops spots, but you can sneak in a few slightly less common searches and get above them with some clever seo tips and techniques. So how to get to the top of google for free just requires some knowledge, some work and a fair bit of time. Of course you can fast track all this and just pay for adwords.

But here is the dilemma…

You can just throw up a website with reasonable content and pay for traffic to get some results or you can pay a local seo company for a few months to set you website up for the search engines to get the best performance then run ads for traffic. The last option is to learn seo yourself and have plenty of time.

It really boils down to how quickly you need results, paid traffic works and works well but cuts into you profits and itself is a learning curve and needs some practice to get right. So don’t blow your entire budget on web design and writers put the site live and HOPE!!!… It won’t work not nowadays.

Save some money to pay SEO specialists like US 😉 to set up your site for a few months, then you can run paid traffic but your site will be getting free traffic also after a time. Therefore when you turn off the paid traffic ads you still be getting traffic and it will snowball over time. There will come a point when your site won’t need paid traffic anymore. You will be ranking for your desired keywords in the number one spot if you’re lucky but certainly in the top five.

You can also learn seo yourself and there is nothing wrong with that if you have the time. But there are a few pit falls.

Be very careful with what you read online. There are a lot of out of date seo techniques that will do you more harm than good. Marketers have been gaming google ranking algorithm for years getting falsely ranked pages beating out far better web sites. They do this to get the tops spots and get the most traffic to beat their competitors. These bad techniques were never going to last but the marketers knew this and were only doing it for the quick buck.

The problem is Google is aware of these techniques and come down hard on any websites they crawl that are still using them. It’s not as bad as it was a few years ago when if you were naughty you would get what was called sandboxed, it could last months. Sandboxing meant that your whole site would not show in google at all, not even your domain, nasty. The reason it lasted months was google only ran the software every few months so you had no chance of getting out of it till your website was checked again. It worked well, cleaned up the internet very well. Nowadays the software is monitoring all the time. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything really dodgy but it does seem to revisit website a lot faster at present.

Seo techniques

IMandSEO.com is an affordable local seo company specialising in small businesses in the Hythe area.
In fact if you are a start-up business we would be a good fit for you. Mainly the reason for this is the website will have a clean history. A lot of established websites will already have had seo work done. If this sounds like you may have been through several seo companies. Seo can roughly be split into two categories on-page and off page seo.

On page seo if it has been done incorrectly it can be remedied fairly easily. Off page on the other hand can be a nightmare to fix. Back in the good old days (a few years ago) seo companies could get websites to rank in google with naughty tactics, this was great for them, they could show quick results, get paid and move on to the next client.

Google then altered the programming of tis search engine algorithm (It was called the Penguin update) . Now this update did lot of different things but important one was anchor text of third party links.

Off page seo in a nutshell is other websites linking back to your website. In google eyes if you have other websites linking to your website you must have a good website. Linking is still one of googles strong authority ranking factors. But what SEO’s of old over did was the anchor text of the links they got for clients. The biggest mistake was they used all the same text. Imagine you had a website that sold pet supplies and you had 200 hundred links coming in from other websites, but 160 of those links contained exactly the same text say “dog collars”.

Google would now look at those links and it would only count the remaining 40 (and that would only happen the remaining links had good variation). It doesn’t stop there either; the quality of the websites that links come from is also investigated by google bots. If they happen to be poor quality websites will lots of links going out to other websites, then it’s not good. This was what the SEO’s of old did, they bought cheap links from these websites and set them up for their clients, and it was a whole little mini business.

The problem now with trying to fix or even remove these links is you have to gain access to the websites they are on, I guarantee the majority of these site will be unmanned (you won’t hear anything back from their contact page or emailing them). If these bad links go to blog posts or a page that is not your home page then the easiest thing to do is rewrite the post/page and give it a similar title.

Doing the alterations above will probably lose you traffic but if you want to rank in google you have to clean up your backlink profile.

IMandSEO offers

Search engine strategies and Learn seo

Start with your content, make it long as you can 500-700 is not enough, there seems to be a little boost from longer page content at the moment. Aim your content at a target reader, your ultimate goal apart from making money is to get your content shared, that’s where the links and ranking will come from. Just writing a great piece and posting it on your site will do nothing… When your page is uploaded, promote it anywhere you can, get those social signals going. Content promotion is a whole other topic all by itself but have go, get your stuff out there.

Seo optimisation tips

I’ve mentioned nothing about keywords yet and for good reason. This is the single most important bit and it has of course been abused by marketers trying to game the system. Google did an update that changed a lot of the spammers ranking overnight; a few innocent businesses got caught up in it as well. Be very careful how many times you repeat your keywords in your content. There are plenty of free keyword density tools online, you don’t want to go about 4% these days. In the old days you could get a bit of a ranking boost from repeating them a lot more, even cloaking them in the HTML.

The other big point with keywords is if you are just starting out with a new website you are not going to get above any of the big established website for popular keywords like “weight loss”. There was a period when you could rank for very long keyword phrases 8-10 words in length. But google has moved away from ranking those easily now as well. A lot of marketer were creating websites with these long keyword titles to get a bit of traffic and ranking and then using them to add links to other sites in order the boost ranking a little. So there you go, be careful.